Sony PlayStation 4 announcement live blog – PS4 reveal

Only 10 minutes until Sony announces the Playstation 4.  I’m watching the livestream of the Playstation Meeting and will be updating this live blog throughout with all the big news about the PS4, with a special focus on its potential HFR and 4K capabilities.

Will it indeed be called the PS4?  Maybe the PS4k?  Will The Last Guardian make a triumphant return?  What have Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Guerilla Games, Sucker Punch, Insomniac, Media Molecule and others been preparing for Sony’s nextgen console?

4 Minutes to go!

Conference has started! (most recent updates on top) (edit: conference is over)

Coming Holiday 2013! Very cool hype video with clips from all the footage we’ve seen. And the presentation is over! No talk about HFR or, more of a surprise, no talk of 4K (which Sony has been pushing harder than anyone).  But there’ll be much more to be announced between now and E3, and I still think PS4 will have some form of 4K support.

Activision Publishing CEO takes stage. Launch window games promised.  More games will be announced in the coming months.  Bungie’s Destiny is officially coming to PS4! Persistent online world. Co-op play. “First shared world shooter.”  PS3 and PS4 version simultaneous launch. Exclusive PlayStation content.

Blizzard Entertainment rep takes stage.  Sony  / Blizzard partnership announced. Diablo 3 announced for PS4 as well as PS3.

Ubisoft’s Yves Guillermot takes stage. Watch Dogs trailer being shown. Looks great.  Very noir. Nice character lighting and clothing physics. Particle effects, puddle reflections, drifting debris. Some screen tearing, but it might just be the live feed.

Square Enix / Final Fantasy brand manager takes stage. Announces new Final Fantasy title for PS4 this year!

Square Enix’ CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto takes stage. Agni’s Philosophy demo being shown.  Characters especially look amazing.

Talking about 3rd parties now. Yoshinori Ono from Capcom takes stage. Codename : Phantom Rhei engine for PS4. shows trailer/footage from new IP, Deep Down; takes place underground.  Character models, lighting, cave geometry is stunning. New Street Fighter tease at the end featuring Blanka.

Media Molecule developer takes stage. Talking about using the Move controller to sculpt 3D models, avoiding the “Tyranny of the Polygon”.  Collaborative game where players and their friends create worlds and objects. Showing a video of two people controlling dancing sculpted characters with he Move.

Now, a glimpse of the future: David Cage of Quantic Dream takes the stage. Emotion is his goal. Talking about polygon count increases over time: Heavy Rain to Kara to to Beyond, which uses 30,000. Now showing very advanced “old man” human head model using tons polygons and advanced graphical techniques. Extremely impressive; Hollywood quality. “Now we are only limited by our imagination”

Braid creator Jonathan Blow taking stage.  Introducing The Witness, a “game about epiphany”  Exploration and puzzle solving. Open world. 25 hours of gameplay; compact gameplay; timed exclusive. Trailer shows beautiful world with detailed, pastel foliage, incredible lighting and details. Tesselation I believe.

Sucker Punch’s next game being introduced. Now being shown! Infamous: Second Son! Character models look completely real; a huge leap.

Talking about a game called DriveClub.  Some footage shown, not clear if gameplay.  Painstakingly detailed cars, every microscopic detail modeled. Gameplay footage now being shown.

Games! Guerrilla Games showing Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay.  Absolutely amazing and beautiful graphics and animation; particle effects, textures, fabrics look nextgen and the scope and scale of the city is incredible.  Better than anything i’ve seen, highend PC games included.

Michael Denny (Worldwide Studios) on stage.

Developers speaking (via pre-made video) about collaboration with Sony for PS4. Taking about Sony’s emphasis on Immediacy: No boot times, no download times. “window” into your PS4 games will be available from your smartphone, tablet, etc.

Sony’s Cloud Services will be released in phases; can’t announce everything today.

Sony’s goal: to put PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, etc games on any device.  ”Everything, everywhere.” That’s the vision behind the Playstation Cloud Network.

Remote Play: built into architecture of PS4; PS Vita can play PS4 games! Logn term goal is to make every PS4 title instantly playable on PS Vita. PS4 uses Gaikai to stream games to Vita “client”.

Can schedule set time to broadcast your game via uStream.

Spectating experience: “Share” button on PS4 controller can realtime broadcast your game to your friends. Friends can post comments to your game screen. Your friends can take over control of your game midgame.

Partnered with Facebook and Ustream.

“Fastest Gaming Network in World”; gets to know your preferences; immediately jump into any game on Playstation Store for free.

Dave Perry, co-founder and CEO of Gakai (cloud gaming) takes the stage.

Personalization: system can get to know you. System learns your likes and dislikes, places content they predict you’ll like right in front of you.  Their goal is to  predict the net game you purchase and have that game downloaded and ready to go before you even press the play button.

Real names and profile pictures will be emphasized for online multiplayer, sourced from social networks.

Dedicated, “always-on” video compression and decompression.  Sharing video is possible while playing a game simultaneously.  Can observe other players’ games.

Digital titles playable even as they are being downloaded.

Power saving “Sleep Mode” – gameplay saved in RAM.

Trailer for new game being shown, designed by Cerny, called Knack.

Havok physics demo shown..lots of falling debris cascading over structures.

8 CPU cores, almost 2 teraflops, GDDR5 memory[!] 176 Gb/sec bandwidth which further boosts GPU performance. Modified GPU to be useable as general purpose  computation device.

UE4 demo shown

Dualshock 4 being shown.  Touchpad screen on top. Share button.  Headphone jack.  ”Light bar” to identify players.  Designed in tandem with stereo camera that tracks controller and identifies player depth.

Live demos coming up

Cerny: PS4 is a powerfull, accessible system.  Architecture is like a PC in many ways, but supercharged.  X86 CPU. Highly enhanced PC GPU. Memory: 8 GB of high speed memory[!] . “Massive” local harddrive storage.

Cerny: Spoke to dozens of best developers in world.

Cerny: “for PS4, we wanted nothing to come between platform and joy and play.”

Mark Cerny: “The need to radically customize technology can interfere with game creation.”

Lead PS4 system architect Mark Cerny: “[My] role on [PS4] started about 5 years ago.”

“Experiences [of PS4] will surpass gamers’ wildest expectations.”

It’s officially called Playstation 4

“A glimpse into the future of Play, “the most personalized experience” following their pedigree, “most powerful platform ever.”

“Connectivity between devices has been essential”

(paraphrase) “The living room in no longer the center. The gamer is the focal point for our efforts”

Retrospective highlight reel running: “fighting the war against reality”