high frame rate reference links

News, impressions, interviews and technical information regarding high frame rate (48 fps, 60 fps, etc) movies:

Forum member’s recap of SMPTE presentation on high frame rates, from October 2014

HFR–Behind the Scenes of a Major Video Projection Rollout (AVNetwork)

HFR talk from the 2013 3D Creative Summit in London (HFR Movies)

Why 120 FPS is the Sweet Spot for HFR Shooting (Studio Daily)

48 FPS and Beyond: How High Frame Rate Films Affect Perception (Tested)

Why 48 Frames Per Second Is the Future of Filmmaking (Probably, If We Let It) (Collider)

Before the Hobbit, HFR Films -a history of high frame rates (micechat.com)

High Frame Rate Cinema  (Creative COW)

Meet the Hollywood eccentric who invented high frame rate film 30 years before ‘The Hobbit’ (The Verge)

The Hobbit in Fast Forward: An Exercise in Innovation (Tech Thoughts)

48fps: how we accidentally invented Impressionist filmmaking (The Verge)

Jason Gorber’s Cineruminations: THE HOBBIT, 48 Frames Per Second, and A Whole New Journey (Twitchfilm.com)

Hobbit 48 frames per second format a strange, unsettling success (Stuff.co.nz)

High Frame Rate – What Is Enough? and HFR tools updates (TVTechnology.com)

‘The Hobbit’ at 48 frames per second: Is it possible for a movie to look TOO good? (EW.com)

‘The Hobbit’ at 48 frames per second: Are you recommending it to friends? (EW.com)

The Hobbit and 48 FPS technology (Ace Weekly)

High Frame Rate: What is Enough? (TVTechnology)

You and Your Precious 24 fps: In defense of The Hobbit’s increased frame rate (Slate)

Do audiences like the high frame rate ‘The Hobbit’? (The Verge)

48 Frames Per Second (And Its Discontents) (Edge on the Net)

John Ary: 48 FPS thoughts (aintitcool.com)

The Hobbit: 5 things you should know about 48 frames per second (EW.com)

A response to common criticisms of ‘The Hobbit’ (3news.co.nz)

Peter Jackson on The Hobbit HFR Debate, Smaug, and Star Wars (The WSJ)

Jackson Lashes out at Critics Over ‘The Hobbit’ 48 FPS Controversy (Entertainmentbuddha.com

In-depth response to the HFR aspect of The Hobbit (Huffington Post)

Response to The Hobbit’s HFR 3D (Chicago Tribune)

The Hobbit brings high frame rates to the masses (Twitchfilm)

Peter Jackson on The Hobbit 48 FPS Controversy (Superhero Hype)

The Hobbit, 48 frames per second, and a whole new journey (Twitchfilm)

Peter Jackson on shooting ‘The Hobbit’ (Stuff.co.nz)

‘The Hobbit’ will usher in a new technology at movie theaters (LA Times)

ShowEast 2012: Major Exhibitors sign up for high frame rate ‘Hobbit’ despite format challenges (Hollywood Reporter)

‘The Hobbit’ to play in high frame rate at 450 theaters (LA Times)

48 fps could open up a whole new dimension for directors (DGA)

The big judder problem and the overhyping of 24p (Projector Central)

SMPTE 2012: Exhibitors Explore High Frame Rate Support (Hollywood Reporter)

Progress report on higher frame rates (SMPTE Journal)

High Frame Rate Video Playback (from Red.com)

Siggraph: Biz Braces for Higher Frame Rates in Wake of ‘The Hobbit’ (The Hollywood Reporter)

SMPTE looks at high-frame-rate 3D (Variety)

Warners taking ‘prudent’ approach to ‘The Hobbit’s’ 48 fps release (The Hollywood Reporter)

WB plans limited release for 48-frames ‘Hobbit’ (Variety)

Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis talk higher frame rates (USA Today)

Peter Jackson discusses shooting The Hobbit at 48 fps on his Facebook page

Jackson talks more about 48 fps, including his choice of a 270 degree shutter angle

It’s time to up frame rates in Hollywood and at home (techradar)

Editorial: Despite shaky 48 fps Hobbit preview, high frame rates will take off (Engadget)

Douglas Trumbull on ‘Hobbit’ footage: ‘A fabulous and brave step in the right direction’ (EW.com)

Douglas Trumbull Advocates Higher Frame Rates at SMPTE (Hollywood Reporter)

James Cameron eyeing 60 frames per second for Avatar sequels (Hollywood Reporter)

How many theaters will be 48 fps equipped? (Hollywood Reporter)

High Frame Rate (HFR) Projectors Tech Update (Pacific Media Associates)

CinemaCon: Sony Introduces Projector Upgrade to Support High Frame Rates (Hollywood Reporter)

Jackson explains 48-frames strategy (The Hollywood Reporter)

Christie “High Frame Rate Technology Overview” (PDF)

Barco “A pragmatic look at high frame rates in digital cinema” (PDF)

“SMPTE’s Peter Lude Discusses Frame Rates and Lasers” (Filmjournal.com)

“Sony Leads Development of High Frame Rate Technology” (PDF, see page 5)

James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment Signs Agreement with Christie to Accelerate Development of HFR Tech 

“48 Frames Changes Everything” (Hollywood Elsewhere)

High-Frame rate projectors a highlight at ShowEast (creativecow.net)

’2001′ VFX wizard Douglas Trumbull to Direct New Feature Film (The Hollywood Reporter)

“James Cameron Demos the Future of Cinema at 60 fps” (Firstshowing.net)

A negative impression of 48 fps footage (Badassdigest)

Douglas Trumbull talks future of cinema (Hollywood Reporter)

Cine Gear 2012: The debate over high frame rates grows among filmmakers, manufacturers (Hollywood Reporter)

Report from CineEurope 2012 (Hollywood Reporter)

Why Movies are Moving from 24 to 48 fps (extremetech.com)