1080p@60fps smartphones arriving soon

Thanks to reader عمر محمد for alerting me to these two smartphones that will record video at 1080p60 – in other words, 1080P at 60 frames-per-second.

They are the LG G2 and the Motorola Moto X, both of which were announced within the last couple weeks.  Sources indicate that they will be the first two smartphones with 1080p60 recording ability.

GSMArena has a hands-on first-look review of the LG G2.  Interestingly, they say that the G2 cannot record 720p at 60 fps.

Video demo of the LG G2:

Taylor Wimberly (former editor for Android and Meexplains the tech behind the Moto X’s camera (via android.gs):

“As previously reported, the Moto X features a 10MP Clear Pixel camera, for enhanced low light performance. The pixel size is 1.4 microns, which is smaller than the HTC One (2.0), but larger than the GS4 (1.1). This special camera module also has x4HD Video capture, which bins 4 pixels together to create one perfect pixel. Video can be recorded in 1080p HD at 60 FPS and played back in slow motion at 30 FPS.”

GSMArena calls this technique “pixel binning”, which is “combining information from 4 pixels to reduce noise and provide clearer videos.”

Watch SlashGear’s demo video of the Moto X’s camera:

Pretty awesome stuff.  I wonder if the forthcoming Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5s will have 1080p60 capability?

Also check out this Moto X vs LG G2 head-to-head from CNET’s Marguerite Reardon